Amir Yazdanbod

On Outsiders and Language

GAUS:… in Chicago. You live in New York. Your husband whom you married in 1940, is also a professor, of philosophy, in America. The academic community, of which you are again a member-after the disillusionment of 1933-is international. Yet I should like to ask you whether you miss the Europe of the pre-Hitler period, which will never exist again. When you come to Europe, what, in your impression, remains and

هشتم فوریه

اتفاق‌ ساده‌ایست. بزنی بیرون و نیم ساعت در زیبایی محض سرما غوطه‌ور شوی، بایستی کنار ردیف درختان بلورآجین از سرمای فوریه، به این فکر کنی چقدر دوری.